AB2406 v7



Lilypad Homes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating flexible housing that offers more affordable housing options for homeowners and renters.

We do this by supporting and facilitating the creation of second units or in-law apartments that meet individual homeowner needs.  Lilypad offers services to help homeowners assess their home’s suitability for a second unit, and to assist them through the financing, design, permitting, and construction process.

We also work with municipalities and their associated agencies to develop new code and fee requirements.  We are a proud sponsor of California AB 2406, Junior Accessory Dwelling Units, introduced by Asm. Thurmond.  Follow these links to a fact sheet and draft support letter you can customize to show your organization’s or industry’s support.  Or, in less than a minute, you can endorse AB 2406 on behalf of your organization via the YWCA website.

We appreciate your support!