Astonishing Facts and Accomplishments in 2017

June 8, 2017

Did you know…?

That the traditional family (mother, father and at least one child under 18) now makes up only 33% of the population in California, while single-family homes represent the majority of our housing?  And, that 63% of the homes in Marin County house only one or two people, generally sleeping in a single bedroom?

That grant funding from the County of Marin and other private foundations allows Lilypad to offer free feasibility assessments for homeowners in Marin interested in creating new, long-term housing, looking at the best opportunity to meet individual needs for increased value, additional housing and income?
That Lilypad received a generous grant from the Marin Community Foundation (MCF) in January which allows us to work individually with lower income homeowners on the development of units created within the existing living space of homes and to continue our public education program?
That three new laws in California (AB-2299, SB-1069 and AB-2406) make it much easier and less expensive to create accessory dwelling units (ADUs) by removing costly permitting, water and sewer connection fees and requirements, like creating parking spaces and adding fire sprinklers?

That Lilypad is now teaching classes in three education programs including the College of Marin, the Tamalpais Unified High School District, and Santa Rose Junior College, where participants learn about the financing, design, permitting, building and leasing processes for development of ADUs?

 That property assessed clean energy financing (PACE) can be used to cover the cost of energy-efficient improvements made in the creation of ADUs?  And, that homeowners can use this financing to fund other money-saving improvements like solar panels and HVAC system repairs at the same time?
That Fannie Mae has introduced a new loan platform, the HomeReady mortgage, that will allow borrowers to qualify for a mortgage based on income from non-signing members of a household, as well as income generated from renting an accessory dwelling unit?
That a recent grand jury report determined that Marin County is at great risk because many of our workers including teachers, nurses, utility workers and first responders cannot afford to live in our community and that over 65,000 people commute into the county to work every day?
That having an in-law apartment in your home is the fastest growing trend in residential real estate, and can boost a home’s value up to 60% as an increasing number of families and people pool their resources to purchase and remain in homes? (Wall Street Journal)

That so far this year Lilypad has done 70 free feasibility assessments on residential sites and that 10 of those homeowners have moved into the design and permitting phase of the project to determine the cost of constructing an ADU on their property?  Our goal for the year is to have 100 projects underway!  
That Lilypad has been working collaboratively with land trusts, the County and the Marin Housing Authority on a program in West Marin to create units of housing and that participants have access to interest free, deferred loans if they are willing to house local workers affordably?
That in the unincorporated areas of the county homeowners are now allowed to create both an ADU and a junior accessory dwelling unit (JADU) on their property at the same time, and in fact they can create up to 4 private rentals on single-family zoned properties with only a building permit?
That Lilypad is embarking on a marketing campaign to make information about our work accessible to people in the community?  In fact, we are looking for volunteers who would be willing to post information we make available on Nextdoor.  Please contact us here if you are interested in helping!
That 27% of households in Marin County are headed by people 65 years and older and that number is expected to practically double in the next 30 years?  According to a survey done by the AARP 87% of seniors wish to remain in their current home and age in place. 
Last year we focused on creating a permitting environment that was friendly to ADU development, but this year is dedicated to educating people about this opportunity and getting ADUs built in the community!  Please forward this newsletter to anyone who may be interested in learning more. Homeowners interested in the possibility of creating new, long-term housing are eligible for a free onsite feasibility assessment provided through our funding partners.
We wish to thank the Marin Community Foundation for their support.  MCF is one of the largest community foundations in the country. The foundation distributes charitable resources in two ways: by assisting more than five hundred individuals, families and businesses in their grant making locally, nationally and internationally; and by directing Buck Trust resources to an array of nonprofits and schools in Marin County.  MCF currently manages more than $1.6 billion in total assets and distributes over $60 million annually in grants.