Just Off Paradise

We are excited to announce the completion of our newest 230 square foot Lilypad Home!  We are part of the tiny house movement here in the Bay Area, and the apartments and small cottages we create can house loved ones, caregivers, or be rented out to people who participate in our community.  The income these living spaces provide defray the cost of homeownership.

When small spaces are designed well, even 230 square feet can feel grand!  This space is actually the master bedroom in my very own home, that is now serving as my home/office.  Rented out it could provide substantial income.  We are helping to change the way people think about their homes.  Your home is your greatest, most personal investment.  It should be serving your needs as you would expect from any other investment!

Lilypad Homes is working with planning directors on a model ordinance to make the repurposing of spare bedrooms into second units more easily and inexpensively permitted.  These small living spaces will count to fill our affordable housing requirements handed down by the State.  Watch this video to see our newest “Lilypad” and learn more about efforts to create “Junior Second Units”.

We are one of the sponsors at Earth Day Marin on April 6th, 11am – 5pm, at Redwood High School.  We would love to see you there!  Come by our booth and you can sign the petition encouraging Council Members across the County to support the development of Junior Second Units.  You can also sign up for a free 30 minute home consultation to see if creating a second unit is a possibility for you!  Lilypad Homes is helping to create healthy, diverse, multi-generational communities.