Lilypad Joins the Tiny House Movement

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April 4, 2015

Lilypad Homes and junior second units received national attention this week with a post on the Tiny House Blog entitled Lilypad Homes Converts Spare Bedrooms into Tiny Houses.  To some, “tiny house” conjures up an image of a diminutive cottage on wheels, but in reality tiny houses come in many forms.  The article points out that you can enjoy tiny house benefits and at the same time stay in your own home by converting an existing bedroom (and ancillary spaces, up to 500 square feet in total) into a Lilypad apartment and moving in!  Check out the Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit legislation we have now passed in two cities in Marin that makes this type of conversion relatively simple.  We are helping turn back the clock, re-popularizing a multi-generational housing model to create affordable housing.

Living in a Lilypad home certainly is cozy and sustainable.  It can also be quite profitable as you rent out the rest of your home, increasing your sense of security and comfort.  Check out the “Rent Zestimate” for your property at  Or you can stay put in the big house and offer the “tiny house” to a loved one, caregiver or person who works nearby in exchange for rent or services.   It is a wonderful way to build community and there is nothing that compares with the feeling of providing a lovely home for others.

Please help spread the word about the potential benefits of junior second units by posting links to the Tiny House Blog article on sites and blogs that you frequent!