Website Announcements

Lilypad Homes is a design and development firm.  We take a holistic view of homes and offer our clients the best recommendations to optimize the value, enjoyment, and earning potential of their homes.  Lilypad specializes in creating rentable spaces.  This could be a cottage behind the house, converting an attic, family room, or garage into a second unit, or simply repurposing a spare room into a private apartment.  These little homes defray the cost of homeownership, generating substantial income in a dynamic rental market, empowering you to live more comfortably and securely in your home.

I have just moved into a 230 square foot apartment myself!  It is wonderful and just the amount of home I need while I create a company that develops affordable housing for the marketplace that meets individual needs.  I will be writing about my own experience in this blog.  Our model for housing also lowers carbon emissions and congestion on our streets by allowing people who work in our community to live in our community.

Marin needs affordable housing.  You can’t live here without realizing the pressure this issue has put on our community, opening us up to developers who want to create large scale, dense, housing complexes.  Something needs to be done.  We live in a gilded cage; our own children can’t afford to come home and live!  Lilypad Homes creates lovely, little living spaces that provide housing options for renters and homeowners alike.  We are hoping to help to develop a healthy, diverse, multi-generational community.

I will be writing about our experiences helping people downsizing in their own homes and creating homes to supply the tiny house movement in the Bay Area.  Please check back to the blog often!