Candidate Homes

In many towns in Marin County a homeowner can turn an existing bedroom into a legal, private apartment called a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU). These units must have a separate exterior entry, a small efficiency kitchen, and access to a bathroom. In most cases, the bathroom will be private and part of the unit.

The ideal home would have the following characteristics, but wonderful apartments can still be created from homes that don’t match this list exactly.

  • a ground floor bedroom with an exterior door, or a window that could be replaced with a door
  • a safe path from the front of the house to the unit’s entry
  • a bedroom large enough to accommodate a six-foot efficiency kitchen, and space for sleeping and living
  • plenty of storage, or space to add closets or cupboards
  • a bedroom with its own bathroom, or a bathroom nearby that could be incorporated into the unit
  • outdoor space that can be dedicated to the unit


JADUs benefit renters, homeowners, communities, and government.  Read more here.