Collaborative Programs

Lilypad Homes is collaborating with organizations and agencies around the North Bay to make it easy and affordable for homeowners to create an additional living unit on their property. The unit can then be rented, or the homeowners can move into the unit and rent out the larger part of the home. 

City of Napa 

If  you own a home in the city of Napa and would like to have a free on-site feasibility assessment to find out if you could create an accessory dwelling unit or junior unit on your property, contact Lilypad Homes to get started. If you decide to move forward to create a junior accessory dwelling unit to house lower income tenants, design assistance and forgivable loans are available to a limited number of homeowners through the Junior Unit Initiative Program. Lilypad will provide assessment and design services for this program.

Community Land Trust Association of West Marin (CLAM)

If you own a home in the San Geronimo Valley or West Marin and would like to create rental housing for local workers, check out the Real Community Rentals program. CLAM will help you design and finance the conversion of a spare bedroom or other existing living space into a small, self-contained rental. CLAM will also help with selecting tenants and offsetting other costs. Lilypad provides assessment and design services through grant funding for homeowners in this program.

Marin Housing Authority

If you own a home in Marin County and would like to create a junior unit or accessory dwelling unit, a Marin Housing Authority loan could provide up to $35,000 for the project. The Residential Rehab Loan is for low income homeowners renting to tenants of any income. The Rental Rehab Loan is for homeowners of any income level who commit to rent to holders of housing vouchers. No payment is due and no interest accrues as long as you rent to a housing voucher holder. Lilypad provides assessment and design services through grant funding for homeowners who qualify for these programs.