Corte Madera Prototype Story

The Homeowner’s Story: When Rachel became a single parent she turned her master bedroom and bathroom into a rental unit to bring in the extra income she needed to hold onto her home. She created privacy for herself and her five-year-old daughter, as well as for the renters, by adding an exterior door, locking the interior connecting doors from both sides and adding a wet bar. Once her daughter was in college, she moved into the unit and rented the main house (two bedrooms and one bath) to a young family. This gave Rachel the opportunity to realize her dream of starting a nonprofit to create more affordable housing.

 Location: Corte Madera

Type: Master suite converted to Jr. unit prototype

Size: 230 square feet

Use: Long-term rental of Jr. unit, then long-term rental of main house

Project Date: 2001

Financing: Savings

Project Scope: Created efficiency kitchen and entry door in place of former walk-in closet, built deck to provide access to unit, added wall with built-in shelves to create niche for bed as well as storage, doubled up connecting door and insulated interior walls to minimize sound transfer.

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