First Novato Jr. Unit Story

The Homeowner’s Story: The homeowner, a nurse, had been an occasional Airbnb host but didn’t like having strangers in her home. At the time that she heard about Lilypad Homes and the opportunity to turn her master suite into a legal rental unit, her daughter was finishing college and moving on; it seemed like the ideal time to put the underutilized space to use to generate extra income. Having a Jr. unit will help her to achieve her goals – living a life that is responsible and affordable; helping to create more equity and opportunity in housing; having money for taxes, home maintenance, and her hobbies, including surfing. Her long-term plan is to work less as she approaches retirement, to travel, and to maybe move into the Jr. unit eventually.

 Location: Novato

Type: Master suite converted to Jr. unit

Size: 240 square feet

Use: Long term rental

Project Date: 2016

Financing: Home equity line

Project Scope: Created efficiency kitchen in place of former closet, built new closet, replaced window with French doors and built deck to create private entry, enlarged window to provide more light and take advantage of view, updated bathroom to add storage, doubled up connecting door and insulated interior walls to minimize sound transfer, updated lighting, painted.

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