For Renters

Lilypad Homes gets many inquiries from renters who are wondering if we have an inventory of small rental units we can refer them to. Unfortunately, at this time we don’t, but interest in accessory dwelling units is picking up and more homeowners are seriously considering building ADUs. In the meantime, if you are a senior looking for housing and don’t mind sharing kitchen facilities and possibly a bathroom, you can check out the shared housing program offered in Marin by Episcopal Communities. In Sonoma County, shared housing services are provided by SHARE

If you aren’t a senior, or if you are looking for a more private living situation, we have a suggestion. If you have a friend, family member, or acquaintance who owns a home in Marin County with an unused bedroom, Lilypad Homes can help to turn that bedroom into a legal, secure, private home for you.

Step 1: Read a bit.  Find out what types of homes are the best candidates for creating rental apartments.  Learn about the benefits these small homes bring to renters, homeowners, and the community.

Step 2: Read some more.  Find out about the services we offer to help your friend or relative through the process of designing, permitting, and creating a private apartment in his or her home.

Step 3: If you have questions, contact us at, or 415-250-9317.

Step 4: Tell your candidate landlords about this opportunity. Encourage them to read the FAQs, to take a Lilypad class, or to contact us to find out more.