Homeowner Services

Accessory Dwelling Unit Services

  • Complimentary Phone Consultations
  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Design and Permitting Services



  • Complimentary Phone Consultations

We are here to answer your questions! You’ll tell us about your home and property and what you are looking for in a private rental space. We’ll provide a general overview of the regulations in your town, configuration options, financing options, and the services we offer to help you through the development process. 

Financing Questionnaire for In-Office Appointment

  • Feasibility Assessments – $800

We offer feasibility assessments in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa counties. Generous grant funding allows us to offer this service at no cost to low-income homeowners who want to create new, long-term rental housing by developing an apartment from existing living space in their homes. We’ll visit your home and determine the options you have for creating private rental space, which may include a master suite, a spare bedroom or two, or a family room. We’ll discuss layout options, review exterior access, highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each opportunity and provide you with a schematic design checklist, scope of work, and a detailed construction estimate to document the feasibility of your project.   

  • Design and Permitting Services – $100/hour

If you are developing a rental unit from a bedroom, family room, or another finished area within your home, we’ll use our small-space expertise to develop a design for your unit that optimizes the space and meets your needs. We can draw the plans you’ll need for an accessory dwelling unit or junior unit planning permit, and help you to apply for the permit. If you like, we’ll help you select materials and finishes for the project, and can even shop with you for cabinets and appliances. Low income Marin County homeowners who qualify can receive initial design services at no cost thanks to a generous grant from the Marin Community Foundation.