I’m so proud of what you are accomplishing. This is important for all of us who want to age in place. I’d have to sell my family home in order to stay here in retirement. I’d rather simply rent out one or two of my rooms that I’m not using.

– Michale, Corte Madera


Our living space houses my family from Brazil. They can visit comfortably for months which has helped tremendously since the birth of our son and daughter. If we ever need full-time help we can reduce our costs by offering housing.

– Camille, San Anselmo


My rental space has allowed me to stay in my home, after retiring, because of the financial resources it provides. I’m making $1,500 a month and the cleaning service I provide makes sure my home is well cared for. I don’t really like being alone in my home, just knowing someone is there, close by, is very comforting to me.

– Mary, San Rafael


The small apartment created from my master bedroom allowed me to stay in my home as a single mother, thanks to the extra income. It has been a wonderful experience and my daughter got to remain in her school, close to her father.

– Rachel, Corte Madera