Vision and Mission

Our Philosophy:  A secure home is vital to economic and physical well-being.  A strong, resilient community has a reliable infrastructure and a diverse population that is able to support the systems that allow it to run efficiently and effectively.  The housing stock of a healthy community accommodates that diversity.  It allows the organism to be self-reliant.  It integrates all types of housing into the fabric of its neighborhoods, allowing people to live and work locally, to serve each other, and live lightly on the Earth.

Homeownership is fundamental to the American Dream.  Homes are most people’s greatest, most personal investment. That investment must be flexible enough to serve the changing needs of the owner.  Prior to World War ll multi-generational homes were the common model for family life.  As the cost of living escalates, as the population ages, and as people of all ages find it increasingly difficult to find housing, more and more people are returning to this model and looking to their homes as a resource.

Lilypad was created to facilitate the transition back to multi-generational living by fostering the development of accessory dwelling units. We believe that these units are an insurance policy and that homeowners should be allowed to repurpose a bedroom with bath into a flexible accessory dwelling unit without heavy fees or restrictive requirements.  Accessory dwelling units can also be an excellent investment in communities where rental housing is scarce.

Accessory dwelling units give homeowners a fallback position if anything were to happen, and allow them to house loved ones, caregivers or people who work in the community.  They create a housing option that helps make both renting and owning a home more affordable.  They allow us to use our homes, our land, the infrastructure, water and energy more efficiently. They increase commerce in the community and reduce green house gas emissions from commuter traffic.  Second units allow us to live sustainably.

Our Vision: To make homes with an accessory dwelling unit a standard housing model again in the United States, to re-democratize homeownership by allowing individuals to qualify for mortgages based on rental income, and to reduce carbon emissions by allowing people to live in the communities where they work and better utilize the built environment.

Our Mission: To facilitate the development of accessory dwelling units that offer a more affordable housing option for both homeowners and renters, creating economically healthy, diverse, multi-generational communities, and protecting the environment by reducing carbon emissions.